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The full rudder came standard on the 2 place and those who have flown with it are very impressed with the ease of operation. Its like having power steering. One advantage is less wrist fatigue on extended flights. This provides for a more relaxed flight. The drawings for this power rudder are designed to fit the purchased sails from the various sail makers. These drawings were developed from my 2 place with new sail from Dick Chaney and they fit like a glove. A welcomed upgrade to those looking another option to the standard rudder. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the standard rudder it is just that this upgrade will make your flight more enjoyable

The plans package for the power rudder will include:

All of this for the low price of $10 for the emailed files and $15 for the plans on CD. This will include shipping to the US. Those outside the US interested in the CD version should contact me at support@freeweedhopperplans.com for ordering information. Payment should be provided thru PayPal at the link below. Other payment options shall be provided as needed. Any questions contact me at the email listed on the contacts page.

Power Rudder













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